For He/Him/Them

Wear a solid-coloured suit or something with a light pinstripe if possible. Avoid any busy suit, shirt and tie patterns and bring an alternative tie. Ensure that the knot is evenly pushed to the shirt collar and falls straight down the button line.

For She/Her/Them

Having simple hair and makeup will already make you look good. Bring your lipstick for a fresh reapply before your picture is taken. If possible, do not wear scarves or overbearing jewellery; feel free to bring a different jacket option.


If you wear glasses as part of your typical day, your photo will be taken with them on. But there is also an option for photographs to be taken with them on and off.

Location Background Alternative

Backgrounds should only be seen as an accompanying element within the photograph, and we believe the emphasis should be on the subject we photograph. We can introduce a background at shooting time by utilising elements within the environment, such as the example.

Hair, Makeup & Personal Grooming

Having your hair cut, styled or just trimmed before you have your profile/headshot photograph taken is always a great idea, and ladies, if you choose to do your hair and makeup, keep it light and fresh and also bring a few different lippy options so we can select the best colour under our lighting conditions. And for the Men, we have a very light translucent powder that we can apply, very sparingly, of course, which will help with the shin and give you a more even complexion.

Know what to wear

Your clothes should reflect your style and personality and look visually appealing to your audience. Smart business attire usually looks best in solid, darker colours. Avoid distracting patterns, headwear, large prints or logos and chunky jewellery unless they’re part of your brand.   

Hair & Makeup

Get your haircut and colour a week prior so you don’t look too ‘sharp’ on the day. Groom your facial hair and get a fresh manicure to look polished and put-together on the day.   For women, apply heavier makeup than usual, as studio lighting can wash you out. Even if you’re the ‘natural type’, using some matte foundation or powder is best to avoid shiny skin.

Avoid props

Props are usually a no-no unless they’re relevant to your brand, add depth and don’t detract from the main focus: you!   Avoid anything seasonal that will date your photo quickly; classic and timeless are always best.

Choose the right background

Where is your headshot going to be used? A plain studio background is perfect for LinkedIn as it keeps the image clean and straightforward, but if you prefer a more dynamic image for your website, a location such as a modern building or artwork may suit your brand – as long as it doesn’t compete with your face.

Download your free PDF Style Guide here.