Gotham Studios Melbourne is a division of Lisa Saad Photography Pty Ltd hereforth known as Lisa Saad Photography Pty Ltd.

Copyright and all licenses on all photography and video produced during this commission is the property of Lisa Saad Photography Pty Ltd until full payment of all outstanding invoices has been received. Usage license will then be granted to the commissioning client for their intended use as per the brief supplied on supplied images or footage by Lisa Saad Photography Pty Ltd. Any job variations will be charged accordingly.

In the absence of a written agreement negotiated beforehand to the contrary, the photographer owns the copyright to their photographs. This means that the reproduction rights, (we use the term ‘Usage’), should be stated in writing and agreed to by both parties, in order to protect the interests of both the photographer and the client.

Usually these usage rights are based on time and territory. If your photographer does not state copyright and usage, and the pictures are reproduced, you could be liable for prosecution under the copyright act!
Lisa Saad Photography Pty Ltd generally gives unrestricted usage of their photography and video produced, for website, intranet, internal and external publications in Australia for 36 months. No contact for permission to use the photography and video is required during this time. After 36 months, we request that you contact us to further extend the time or update the photography and video. Please message us at if you have any concerns.

When reproduction occurs, our accreditation request is due as follows: ©gotham studios. These are our ‘moral rights’ and it’s our return for unrestricted usage. Longer usage periods can easily be negotiated up front and usually involve a percentage of the original fee. 

Third party usage is not granted and if required, we request that you message us at for negotiation and consent via written form by both parties. You do not have the right to sell the photographs and videos to stock libraries, or any other organisations.

All costings are based upon current market rates and are valid for commission within 21 days. This is a prepaid photographic service and commissions are based on the duration of time or product and cannot be transferred to a third party.