About Us!

Gotham Studios Melbourne

Gotham Studios Melbourne is a unique, online prepaid photography service that serves to be placed as a market leader in the supply of high-end photography to B2B clients worldwide.

Feature outstanding images for use in your brand/business marketing and promotions. Gotham Studios Melbourne photographers specialise in the following fields:

  • Commercial Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Dealership Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Location Photography
  • Logistics Photography
  • PR Photography
  • Profile Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Retouching Services 
  • Full Production Shoots

Whether you need images on your website, social media, e-commerce, printed adverts or whatever marketing collateral or commercial purposes you may need, professional photography is incredibly versatile, and Gotham Studios Melbourne delivers compelling images to attract your target market.

Gotham Studios Melbourne has been known for its excellent, professional, and high-quality photography services over the last two and a half decades. Now, with our prepaid packages, services are made affordable to help you tell people who you are, your brand, your products and services, your milestone moments and all the stories you want to share.

We are your photographers!

Artist Collective At the affordable Art Fair

Gotham Studios Collective

Beyond being a studio, Gotham Studios Melbourne takes pride in supporting visual artists, especially in the field of photography.

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the 2024 Affordable Art Fair in Brisbane and our third consecutive year at Melbourne. We will be joined by highly-creative and multi-awarded artists ready to showcase their photographic works that will surely fit any space.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming Gotham Studios Melbourne Artists Collective lineup and further details.

Read more about the artists being represented at The Affordable Art Fair in Brisbane 2024 by clicking the link below.