Gotham Studios Melbourne is a leading online prepaid photography service supplying high-end photography to B2B clients worldwide. But beyond being a studio, it takes pride in supporting visual artists, especially in the field of photography.

The Gotham Studios Melbourne Artists Collective is excited to join the Affordable Art Fair in Melbourne, where it will present highly creative and multi-awarded artists ready to showcase their photographic art that will surely fit any space.


Lisa Saad

Lisa Saad, an artist of boundless creativity, returns to the upcoming Affordable Art Fair in Melbourne from 29 August – 1 September 2024. Step into the world of captivating art and see Saad's remarkable works from the highly acclaimed collections The Anonymous Man and Quadrilateral Thoughts.

With over three decades of experience, Lisa Saad excels in capturing diverse subjects as she specialises in advertising and commercial photography. Her phenomenal career boasts globally-exhibited works from ‘The Anonymous Man’ series to her architectural photography and her more recent ‘Project 11’ portrait series, from which two images gained recognition as semi-finalists in Australia's prestigious Moran National Portrait Prize.

Beyond her artistic achievements, Saad's entrepreneurial spirit shines as she manages two successful photographic businesses. Lisa Saad Photography Pty. Ltd. crafts high-profile imagery for advertising and corporate campaigns, while Gotham Studios Melbourne offers prepaid photographic services to B2B clients worldwide, ensuring unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Instagram: @lisasaad
Contact: +61 419 255 797



David Godfrey, a photographer driven by an innate passion, makes a comeback with the Gotham Studios Melbourne Artists Collective at the upcoming Affordable Art Fair in Melbourne 29 August – 1 September 2024.

From his earliest memories, Godfrey's fascination with photography was ignited by his father's guidance and a desire to capture moments that make memories come alive. While drawing and painting held their own appeal, photography became his ultimate outlet for artistic expression.

Having explored various avenues of image-making throughout his life, Godfrey's passion for wildlife photography flourished. He discovered a profound love for capturing the unique personalities of birds in his local park. Through his lens, he unveils the invisible, inviting viewers to witness the world through his discerning eyes.

Godfrey's exceptional talent has garnered numerous accolades, including prestigious awards from The Australian Institute of Professional Photography. His keen eye for detail and artistry has been recognised globally, with his wildlife print of a juvenile darter securing the highest-scoring print award in 2016. Additionally, his breathtaking landscape photograph taken in Guilin, China, earned him the esteemed title of Photographer of the Month in August 2018.

Instagram: @themobilephotographer
Contact: +61 418 300 809



Luisa Michalewicz, a passionate photographer whose lens captures vibrant life stories, joins the Gotham Studios Melbourne Artists Collective for the first time at the upcoming Affordable Art Fair in Melbourne 29 August – 1 September 2024.

Luiza's journey commenced in communist-era Poland, where her childhood was shaped by professional acrobatics, opening doors to diverse cultures through sports competitions. At 18, she ventured to Charlotte, North Carolina, marrying and pursuing studies in biology and psychology. Eventually settling in Adelaide, Australia, she embraced family life and entrepreneurship. Amidst her varied experiences, Luiza discovered her passion for photography, culminating in a Photo Imaging degree from the Centre for Creative Photography School in 2011.

Over the past decade, Luiza's work has graced prestigious exhibitions worldwide. From 'Ghoti 13' to 'HeadOn Photo Festival 2022,' Luiza's portfolio has become a testament to her dedication and vision. Her work adorns spaces like Georges on Waymouth and Michonne Wine Bar and captivates clients across continents, from San Francisco, Abu Dhabi, to Warsaw.

Beyond being a photographer, Luiza is an intrepid explorer, traversing lands like Cuba and Japan in pursuit of the perfect shot. Her photographs characteristically capture the essence of cultures and human connections. As Luiza's art continues to evolve, her biggest dream remains unwavering: to breathe life into every shot and share her work with the world. 

Instagram: @luizamichalewicz
Contact: +61 413 642 420