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July 05, 2015 · Dealership

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Dealership photography is a pre paid photographic service provided by Gotham Studios Melbourne. We are Dealership Photographers that can provide your company with professional Photography for all your needs such as Profile Photography, Location Photography, Annual Report Photography, Brochure Photography and Product Photography.

Dealership Photography is a specialised field and with over 20 years experience Gotham Studios Melbourne has supplied this boutique service to many leading car brands in Melbourne. If you are looking to update your Dealership Photography Gotham Studios - Melbourne can help plan and execute your requirements in an efficient and timely manner.


The Dealership Photography Services we offer are: 

  • Exterior Retouched Dealership Photography
  • A selection of Interior Dealership Photography
  • Location Photography of Staff can be included
  • Location Photography of individual departments can be included
  • Fly On The Wall Lifestyle Photography
  • Website Photography
  • Brochure Photography 
  • Dawn or Dusk Photography
  • Image Library Data Base Setup and Organisation
  • Selected Retouching and Image Combining
Buy Dealership Photography

Dealership Photography is offered as a boutique service at Gotham Studios Melbourne and is a specialised field. Our Dealership Photographers have the ability to work fast and fit-in within the working environment to get maximum results with a no fuss attitude. The Dealership Photography is done in two stages, the first stage is the shoot itself where our photographers decide on the best time of day to capture the exterior and we then work with the management team to move the product so it looks the best, once photography is completed a selection of images are delivered for final selection and an image from each scene is chosen for the second stage which is the retouching. One image is chosen from an exterior and interior shot and is retouched and tweaked to look its best giving you a completed delivered file that can be utilised immediately on your website, postcard, brochure or even as an email signature.


We come to you! Gotham Studios Melbourne has the capabilities to come to you with all required equipment to photograph your Dealership at any time of the day, from Dawn to Dusk! Should you require a photography service that captures the working environment, we pride ourselves on being "the fly on the wall" with minimum disruptions to the work day and work force or if you require more stylised imagery for an upcoming brochure or annual report, we can help with all the logistics and required staff schedules to make your photographic shoot run as smooth as possible.

Download Delivery

All photographic images produced from the pre paid photographic service commission will be available to you for download via a cloud based service such as Dropbox upon the first and second stages.

USB Delivery

If you have a high security position on your servers within your work environment then an alternative delivery option is available via USB or DVD.